Main Meal Recipes

So you are looking for some ideas for a meal

I have a passion for food of all kind. I am excited to share my meal creations with you because everyone should be able to eat great food! You will find all you need from my recipes! And if you want to share suggestions, feel free to leave a comment!

What meal are you looking to cook for?

Here we have our recipes in categories according to meal types and star ingredients. When I am looking for recipes myself, I like to be looking by category of meal types but also by star ingredient. Because if ur looking for a recipe to use something in particular you have available, it makes it easier to find one!

What about side dishes?

The bulk of our main meals is accompanied by side dishes. They can contain vegetables, pastas, fruits, salads, etc. You will find a section just for the side dish recipes, these can be paired with any main dish to complete a dish for your meal!

What if I have special dietary requirements?

But not everybody can eat whatever they want! This is why each and every recipe will have an implemented system to modify the recipe to their needs. Because these systems will have the nutritional info for each modification, what to substitute, and where ingredients can be found, it will make it easier.
Please note: Some links to ingrediant sources and recipes may be affiliated links where I will gain a small commission from you purchasing through that link.

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