Household Recipes

Want to make cheaper alternatives in your household?

Are household chemicals taking up alot of space? No one needs all those bottles clogging up under the sink! From cleaning to hygiene, here you will find collected recipes that have been tried and tested. As a result we know these work!

Are the household products safe to use?

They can be made in bulk and stored to refill bottles later. They are environmentally friendly and do not contain harsh chemicals that would harm your body. Wether looking for a multi-purpose spray, or even shampoo, you will find a host of great alternatives to consider.

Are all the ingrediants available near me?

In each recipe details are given of the ingrediants including, where they might be found and alternatives you could use. Everybody should be able to find all they need near them.

Are these safe around younger kids and pets?

Yes these are safe for the whole family as there are no harsh chemicals in them only natural ingrediants.

Where to start

Click on one of the links underlined below and read through the recipe. Make sure to have enough bottles for storage etc. Then look for places to purchase the ingrediants if needed. Don’t forget to leave any comments on the recipe pages!

The Recipes

Multi-Purpose Miracle Spray
Window Cleaner