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Hello and welcome to my about me page!

I am Amy, I am in my 30’s, a wife to be and a gorgeous little boy calls me mum! I have had alot change in our eating habits since becoming a mom. As a result, I thought I would share with you all my creative food! I have always been a crafty person and I have dabbled in a many variety of crafts. My passion is cooking delicious food! But I also have a passion for photography and crochet.

Why is there so many variations in one recipe?

I, myself, went through some rigorous testing to find out why my digestive system was not processing foods normally. It had come to my attention by christmas 2018 when it didn’t matter what I ate, I was running to the toilet for sloppy seconds! I went to my doctor, who then referred me to a gastroenterologist, and then was booked in for some invasive testing. As a Result, I was diagnosed with Chrones Disease, IBS, Bloating (its own diagnosis) and Sphincter of Odi Dysfunction (causes acute pancreatitis without warning).

But before this, I was closely following the keto diet and doing well and my son had been diagnosed with cows milk protein allergy (CMPA) which meant he could not have any dairy products. So during this adventure of ours, we learned to adjust to keto, dairy free, gluten free, and low fodmap diets. This is where the variations come from. As a result, we also have options for vegan and celiac. We have these options as alot of fodmap is gluten free, and alot of dairy free options are also vegan!

What are we trying to achieve?

My aim is to provide people who struggle with making food for themselves, or others that have some kind of dietary restriction more simple and easy. The way I am setting it up will make it easier for those feeding people with multiple restrictions. In other words, one recipe can be made to be not only fodmap friendly but also dairy free or vegan for example.

Why now?

I started now because I wanted to stay on my keto diet and still incorporate the low fodmap diet. I could not find any information on how to do this, no guides, no resources. So I decided I wanted to be that source for others to use.

Can I make a request?

Of course you can! I want this site to be a place people can come to, see if a recipe they like has been added, and if not, then request it! Just make a comment, or contact us via the menu.

You do photography, can you do photos for me?

I sure do! In the photography section is the business side of photography. I specialise in food and product photography. Here you can look at samples of my photos, checkout my prices and make a booking. Those who get photos from me will find their images on a tab in this section too. I can do this via distance or locally.

Are you local to me?

I reside in New South Wales, Australia. I am born and breed, and proudly from Kurri Kurri. A small mining town, known for its many murals, just outside of Newcastle area. I am happy to do local visits, partnerships and promotions with local companies. Especially other small businesses!

About me kurri kurri

Are you on social media?

Yes we are. We have a facebook page, twitter account and we mostly use our instagram account. Just follow the links!


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